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An Introduction to Property Search with Rawlings Property Consulting Ltd
Juliet Rawlings of Rawlings Property Consulting Ltd, one of the first Property Search Agents in London, started her business in the late 1980’s to offer homes to the discerning, and employers of the corporate sector bringing in their international staff to London and surrounding areas.
Rawlings Property Consulting Ltd.’s success is based on its Independence.  Every client can be sure that the property has been previously viewed and short listed for their search.  Many properties, especially in the higher bracket, do not come onto the open market, therefore as a retained agent we have access to properties that other companies and individuals will not be offered.
It is important to appreciate how the market works in England:

Properties come onto the open market with Estate Agents.  These Agents are being paid by the Vendor to ensure that they get the highest price and are usually paid between 2.5% and 3% of the purchase price for the Sale.  They are therefore not working for, or particularly caring, about the individual or company purchasing the property.
These Agent’s all work totally independently and very much in competition of each other.  This makes a pretty unpleasant environment for you to work with.
To get the accessibility along with informed advice for the property you are seeking, it is wise to use a Professional who is knowledgeable, experienced and caring and has a good ear to appreciate what is in the interest of the purchaser.
Juliet will always ensure, along with her team, that many criteria are considered including:
  • Location
  • Investment
  • Commutability
  • Security
  • The family unit and their circumstances
  • Schools
  • Area in relation to position
  • Integration
We are an independent resource for when:
  • Buying or Selling
  • Renting or Letting
We’re on your side with the skills, experience and personal touch to help you secure the best deals in the market, whether you are:
  1. a property owner wishing to sell;
  2. a landlord wanting a good let;
  3. a buyer needing expert guidance; or
  4. a visitor looking to rent for long or short term.
How we can help

Juliet Rawlings has a wealth of experience from working in property for over 25 years. In the 1990s she set up her property finder business to help overseas investors source the best investments in and around Central London; her portfolio of clients grew rapidly and she expanded her business by developing a specialist rental service for both Landlords and Tenants.     

In 2004 Rawlings was formed and the Sales department was set up.
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